Justice to Hugo Ernano

Only justice for him

On 11 August 2008, a teenager of 13 years old was shot by the police soldier of GNR: Hugo Ernano during a police car chase to a van after a robbery to a dairy; this person was inside this vehicle along with two other man. One of them was Sandro Lourenço, the father of the teenager. This man had escaped from Centro Prisional de Alcoentre (jail). He did not cared about the safety of his own kid and placed him in imminent danger. The court decided that Hugo Ernano actions were “inadequate and maladjusted” and that he abused of his authority?! While doing is duty the court considers “inadequate and maladjusted”?? What would happen if the van got away? Would he be negligent and incompetent… and probably would be in court for not doing his job… The father of the victim fugitive and wanted by the law, that took his own kid to this robbery got two years and a few months in jail… Hugo Ermano that was in the line of duty chasing a criminal got nine years in prison! If this kid was not in the van probably he would still be alive. If someone has to be blamed about this tragedy is the father of the teenager and not Hugo Ernano.

With this message I would like to show my solidarity to Hugo.


4 pensamentos sobre “Justice to Hugo Ernano

  1. Not to mention the kid wasn’t even in sight… He couldn’t possibly know a kid was in the van.

  2. Is this justice in Portugal? Ridiculous

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